empty baskets and a farmer’s market

it’s saturday morning and we have decided to head down to the farmer’s market in north bondi. we’re up early and the sun is out, plus, we always talk of going, but we’re never up this early. so off we go to join the legion of ‘foodies’ who flock every week with baskets yearning to be filled. patiently, they queue in line, each eying up their bounty.

golden-skinned boys in breton stripes serve freshly made artisan breads, while a man with laughter etched into his face cradles the world’s most precious avocados. it’s just as food should look, all fresh and full of colour, bursting with goodness. my favourites are the blushing tomatoes, ripe and plump, and bunches of baby carrots too.

freshly made juices stand ready to replenish thirsty market-goers, while bushels of flowers, glistening in the sun, remind passers-by that their baskets are not quite full enough yet. they need a bunch or two for home, alongside their baguette and herbs. that’s how you fill a basket, they nod at each other, winking conspiratorially.

we are not here to buy vegetables, but we are here to eat. we head to the stalls where the flavours of the world have united in their efforts to make the decision-making process even more difficult. “how are we to choose? there’s so much to choose from” we lament over and over again. but choose we do, and as we sit on the cool grass content with our bagel and pho, with music playing softly in the background, we tell ourselves that we should definitely come again next week, and maybe bring our empty basket too.

bondi farmers market @
bondi beach public school
campbell parade
bondi beach, sydney


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