~ porch and parlour ~

australia’s most famous beach-side suburb can be overwhelming at the best of times. however, away from the hustle and bustle of campbell parade and hall st, certain little pockets in bondi retain their sense of calm amidst the never-ending foot traffic and endless people-watching. because we avoid the tourist traps dotted along campbell parade and venture further afield, we are rewarded with porch and parlour, a compact and charming cafe located in north bondi. it’s got that whole cozy-industrial vibe working for it, the one popularised by hipster cafes boasting specialty coffee and fair-trade beans, and glowing skinned waitstaff who look like they’ve just stepped off the beach, all casual-cool like nobody’s business. brushing shoulders with the locals, we know we’ve discovered one of bondi’s sweetest secrets. we can people-watch here too, but we go for the scrambled tofu and delicious coffee. we then stay for the friendly service and laid back atmosphere. this is bondi’s best.

~porch and parlour ~
110 ramsgate avenue,
bondi beach, sydney


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