a town like hessle

there’s a little town in the north of england, tucked away in yorkshire on the banks of the humber river. a little town of little consequence to all save those who have lived there, or who have had the privilege of visiting. this little town is hessle, and could quite possibly be our most favourite place in the whole wide world because it’s where my love grew up and where family resides. going to hessle means going home and what a homely home it is.

it’s also home to tiny little tree-lined streets flanked with uniformed terraced houses, filled with families and secrets and memories. and little laneways that lead to the square, and a church with a steeple just the right height for a little country town. and flowers, so many flowers, charming us all with their blooms. and green with shrubbery just as english towns should be.

it is home to quaint little stores full of nick knacks and brick-a-brack, just waiting to be discovered, and jagged-tiled roofs with sturdy compact chimneys that awaken our desire for open fires and cups of hot chocolate. it’s easy to see what we want to see in little towns such as this. and for us, we see love. we see family. and there’s no place more magical to be when we are surrounded by love and family.

east riding of yorkshire
england, uk


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