trinity, thou art a wholly lovely way to eat

we are convinced the brits could be the champions of olympic shopping if ever there was such an incredulous thing. the stamina and endurance needed to keep apace leaves us breathless, but not those hardy british folk, oh no. it seems it’s all in a days work, darting here and there, standing in this queue and waiting for that change room. how do they do it?

living in australia, we are out of practice of marathon high street shopping. and we don’t visit shopping malls. we buy things online now because we save many pennies and because we have more options. we forget how plentiful stores are here in the uk. and now we wish we had trained properly, by having more time, planning our strategy and taking up daily running. surely that would do it? surely then we could cope without looking harried and frenzied as we know we do.

oh my. we are tired and we are hungry. and it might even be time to stop for wine. yes? yes. phew. heading upstairs, and away from the tsunami of shoppers, we find ourselves at the entrance to trinity’s the kind of place that has irrevocably changed our expectations of what a food court should be, especially when we think of those back home. no unflattering fluorescent lighting revealing weary faces here, or the type of generic furniture that’s almost impossible to sit on, no. we don’t find any limp salads or dried out bread here either. this food court, if we can even dare to call it that, has been pimped out to the max and we are impressed!

our quick internet search tells us that britains’ best food trucks set up camp here, taking residence for one whole month, before the next wave rolls in. just like an indoor festival packed to the brim with street food, and it’s all ours for the taking. but we are not overwhelmed, we’ve done this before. we stroll around, checking out the vendours, but we don’t bother to hide our curiosity and wonder. now’s not the time to play it cool because we are tired and because we are hungry.

we find a location where we too can set up camp, albeit for the duration of lunch. mmm hmm. we choose well. we eat hot dogs with lashings of brown sauce and tangy piccalilli, just the way we like it. and drink french rose, the big glass, because this is the uk and we can have a big glass if we like. and we do. because it’s not our first rodeo and we still have more shopping to do. so with bellies full and cheeks flushed with the colour of pink wine we venture out once more, out into the fray, but not before stopping to buy pretty cakes from pretty girls. and we are happy we came to leeds, if only for a day.

trinity kitchen
27 albion street, leeds
west yorkshire ls1 5er, uk


2 thoughts on “trinity, thou art a wholly lovely way to eat

  1. Lovely pictures! But you mention that the food trucks are there for another month! So if I ever make it to Leeds, Trinity Kitchen will not be there anymore?

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