the nest

today is one of those days. when grey clouds dance over the sky, sprinkling rain drops with carefree abandon. yes, it’s one those days, we agree as we look outside our window. we know we won’t dare leave our home. instead, we’ll put the kettle on and sink into the sofa becuase today is one of those days when the sea and the sky become one. a mish-mash of grey that is only broken by the white-capped peaks of the waves as they roll and crash angrily against each other.

it does look cold outside, we nod to each other. but we are not cold. we are tucked up inside, all cozy and a little smug, knowing that we are safe from the clouds and their carefree abandon. and even though the sun tries to break through, we won’t be tempted to leave our warm enclave. oh no. we’ll put the kettle on and settle in for the day because we have nowhere else to be, and nowhere we’d rather be. just you and i and those books we keep meaning to finish. so let’s do that. let’s settle in for the day with endless cups of tea and those books that we might just finish.

we smile at ourselves as we stretch out on the sofa, all cat-like and serene. we wear the type of clothes we don’t wear outside. the ones that aren’t quite pajamas, but not quite clothing. maybe we’ll put some soup on and listen to it simmer away on the stove, the bubbling noises serving as a gentle reminder of what is still to come. and the house will fill with those magical aromas that ignite our senses and make our tummies rumble impatiently.

but wait we will, because we have time, and we have tea. we glance outside and see a rainbow diving into the sea. and as we turn the pages of those books we might just finish, while the soup bubbles quietly on the stove, we know how lucky we are that we can have this day where we have nowhere to be but in our little nest, and that being here, for us right now, is everything.


a penny for your thoughts?

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