✪ chinese laundry ✪

some people head to hull to get their fix of high-street stores, like h&m and zara and topshop. but not us, not today. we’re off to hull because we have a hot hip, a place to visit on our afternoon sojourn. a vintage store hidden away, a place where we can go to dig for buried treasure, one our favourite things to do anywhere in the world, so it’s off to hull we go.

basking in the golden glow of chinese lanterns, we find an aladdin’s cave full of vintage clothing that would make fashion-hunting londoners swoon and whoop with glee. and although we are not londoners, not anymore, we too swoon and whoop just a little because we are in vintage heaven and we know they mean business.

there are those jackets, we note, the ones made famous by american college footballers, the type they give to their cheerleading girlfriends, the real mccoy, and we wonder what stories they could tell. would they tell us of victories and championship cups? or would they speak of the sadness at having lost, and wistfully we wonder, is that why they are here?

we see pre-loved converse in all the colours of the rainbow. and honest-to-goodness vintage high-tops! and we swoon again because we love high-top trainers and rainbow-coloured converse. there are rows of vintage tweed and denim surrounded by t-shirts and hawaiian shirts, and pretty sun dresses just waiting to be worn to a festival during the summer.

and the type of clothes that scream “rock ‘n’ roll” and make us yearn for the bygone era when we too used to listen to britpop on our walkmans, when we were young and full of dreams of what could be. and before we get too carried away by memories of our teenage years, and our desires for all the high-tops and all those pretty sun dresses, we leave the little oasis in search of a proper and true chip butty, the type that yorkshire folk do best.

chinese laundry
savile street, hull
east yorkshire, hu1 3es


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