~ east riding room ~

here in hessle, in this sleepy little enclave of families and memories and small town charm, we won’t find any discotheques, but maybe a local pub or two. if we want lively nightlife we’ll have to make our way into hull. but we don’t want to do that because we don’t want to go to a disco and we don’t want anything too lively. just a nice little wine bar where we can stay a while and eat a little and maybe even drink a little more than we ought.

down on the weir, there is that type of wine bar, the type that wouldn’t look out of place in london, or melbourne or any other cosmopolitan city. the type of wine bar that has grey-blue walls and mis-matched furniture, all plush and worn and welcoming. old books and trinkets collected over the years are scattered throughout the room, while flowers decorate the tables reminding us that it is still summer, at least for a little while yet.

if it were the day time we could feast on tea and cakes and perhaps have a glass of wine or two. but this is the evening and people come here to have casual dinners with longtime friends, swapping stories and laughter over classic english fare. on this particular night, we have already had dinner, but we would like a nightcap, just a glass of wine or two. and maybe some olives and bread, or dessert. the service is unfussy in the way of charming english towns, reminding us that we are not in london or melbourne, but beautiful lovely hessle.

candles flicker and fairy lights twinkle casting shadows and warmth across the room as one by one the tables empty, reminding us that we too must head home soon. but because it’s not too late yet, we stay a little while longer, sipping on wine as the candle light flickers on our table. and because we are happy and because we can, we drink a little more than we ought, before lazily strolling home with bellies full and hearts bursting.

east riding room
8 the weir, hessle
east riding of yorkshire, hu13 0ru, uk


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