❧ edinburgh ❧

there are a few places in the world that possess the type of magic that inspires love at first sight and edinburgh surely is a most worthy suitor. because there’s something about falling in love with a city, each and every time we visit, to be in a place that feels new and untouched, full of adventure and memories that are yet to be born. that is a special type of magic.

the great grey castle sits above keeping a watchful eye, full of sorrow and stories and tourists, casting shadows across the already grey buildings with their grey rooftops. and because there’s not a lot of sunshine here in edinburgh we could be forgiven for thinking that this very old city full of very old history might also feel grey too.

but we are mistaken, and undoubtedly forgiven, because the city does not feel grey, oh no. because the kindly folk who reside here have kindly smiles and bright accents, all welcoming and helpful and colourful. they make us wish that we too lived here and said “aye” and “wee” and “och” at the right time, all casual and familiar like local folk are want to do.

we stroll along the royal mile because that’s what you do when you come to edinburgh. we see rainbows of tartan and coats of arms that make us think of clans and ancient battles and men who would be kings. we wonder if we also have a tartan, “perhaps we should have a look?” we smile at each other, curious to discover if our families too are ancient and proud.

and although we’ve arrived in edinburgh during that very famous festival, with its energy and laughter and acrobats, we will be forgiven when we slip away from the masses, so we can explore the laneways and cobblestone streets. and as we glance towards the distance, we see the rolling green hills tucking us all in, keeping us from ever wanting to leave.

edinburgh, uk


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