✼ bramble bar ✼

a day spent exploring and walking and eating and sightseeing leaves us weary and thirsty and in need of a quiet place where we can rest and replenish. and so here we are at bramble bar, hidden away in this tiny little bar in a tiny little basement in the little city of edinbugh.

we’ve come to bramble because we’ve heard good things about this classic cocktail bar. and because we like classic cocktails we know we’re in safe hands. because tales of bramble hold many promises of good times and good drinks and sure enough we know we are in safe hands, in the right place at the right time.

dark wood paneling and secret nooks flicker in soft candlelight as we take our seat at the bar. a quick glance at the shiny bottles just waiting to be imbibed reveals we are in a serious bar with serious drinks with a bartender who doesn’t take himself too seriously. and in this moment we feel as if we’ve arrived in a beautiful booze-filled heaven.

our bartender (sam?) has banter to boot making everything perfect. because that is what every bar needs alongside the shiny bottles and proper drinks, a bartender with banter. and vermouth kept in the fridge and prettily cut garnish just waiting to dress prettily made drinks, and napkins on which to rest those drinks that are almost to pretty to consume.

and because we are at bramble we must drink the eponymous cocktail. all berry goodness, citrusy-fresh, served chilled over crushed ice in a goblet-sized glass. we know we said we’d stay for one, but could we stay for one more? it seems a shame to leave this little den, seeing as we’re so comfortable and the drinks are so delightful and the service so friendly.

so stay we do, but just for one more because the night is young, and we are free and we have a few more places to go. but in this moment we know that of all the bars in all of edinburgh we were lucky enough to walk into this one, this dear, dear bramble.

bramble bar
16a queen street,
eh2 1je, edinburgh, uk


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