– the lucky liquor co. –

the lucky liquor co. is the sassy little sister to the grown-up and knowing bramble bar, all young and fresh and spunky. this is the type of place that has railway tiles on the walls, the type commonly found in hipster bars (and homes) the world over. it’s the type of place that plays real records and a real record player, and all kinds of secret potions for mixing drinks. it’s not a basement bar where we could lose track of time romancing in the shadows.

this place is all checkered floor tiles and open space and social tables and colourful chairs. we take a seat at the bar because that’s what we like to do when we visit a bar such as this. because then we can chat to the bartender and talk drinks and syrups and liquor and all the kinds of things our curious minds soak up as we soak up a tom collins or two, perhaps with a little whisky on the side. because we are in edinburgh and we can’t come to edinburgh without drinking whisky.

and while it may seem like this is the type of place filled with wall-to-wall cool types, with their rolled-up cuffs and side-swept hair and colourful tattoos, the friendly staff here care only that we are friendly people who are interested in talking about places and travels and cocktails and syrups, making us feel that it’s ok to be a little nerdy and never-quite-cool-enough because enjoying these moments together, just you and i, that’s the most important thing.

the lucky liquor co.
39a queen street, edinburgh
eh2 3nh, uk


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