– archipelago bakery –

secret bakeries are a special type of bakery. they’re the type of place hidden down a little stairway down a little path on a corner of a little street in little cities like edinburgh. it’s the type of place that if we blink we could miss it. but we don’t. not this day. down the stairs and through the door we enter. are we going the right way, we wonder as we look at each other. but we need not worry because the baker is in the house, all warm and friendly and baking and happy to have a chat as she welcomes us in.

the warm aroma of freshly baked bread lingers around us, teasing us, tempting us. we see seeded loaves and dark rye the colour of chocolate, and tea cakes and slices dripping with icing and full of promises. if only we had a picnic to go to this afternoon, and some pickles and relish to slather on thickly cut chunks of sourdough. or perhaps a thermos of tea so we could sit right here in the little secret bakery and host our own secret tea party.

ooh, that raw brownie looks good, and we’ve never had one before. perhaps we should take one with us, you know, to have later. and so we purchase the raw brownie and some bread rolls too because we can’t come to a bakery and not buy any bread rolls. especially when they’re new and soft, like freshly fluffed pillows.

yes, some pickles and relish and cups of tea are just what moments like these call for. but even though we don’t have these accoutrements, we don’t feel that we’re leaving empty handed. we hand over our money in exchange for our little treasures before venturing out on to the street again. and as we eat our brownies and bread in the afternoon sunshine, we feel that we too are those people lucky enough to have happened upon this little secret bakery.

archipelago bakery
39 queen street
edinburgh, eh2 3nh, uk


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