– wellington coffee –

another little street, another little stairway leading to another basement of little wonders. oh edinburgh, you do spoil us, indulging us in our sense of adventure and seeking the new all the while rewarding us with familiar treats and strong coffee. so here we are, in the little basement cafe known as wellington coffee. it’s the type of place that’s all sparkling tiles and smiling staff, with a shiny espresso machine, just waiting to hiss and puff away, singing merrily as it makes our coffee.

this little place has scattered seats, and standing room, which surely must deter some would-be coffee drinkers from staying. but today the sun is out and so is the outdoor seating, which is hastily snapped up by those who wish to bask in the scottish summer sun, cafe latte in hand, nodding at each other as they feel all cosmopolitan and continental. “it’s not just the spanish that can do this, you see. we can do it too!” they smile at each other, cheeks glowing.

we are lucky enough to be seated inside, but we only stay long enough to drink our flat whites because that’s all we need and we know others will be grateful for the space. we wouldn’t mind to miss out on a table because we can take-away, and walk the streets, admiring the beauty of beautiful edinburgh, sipping on flat whites, while the locals sit on pavements and basement terraces as they imagine just for a moment that they are somewhere else, all the while we pretend that we never have to leave.

wellington coffee
33a george street,
edinburgh, eh2 2hn, uk


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