shelter bookshop, edinburgh

we find them in every busy city, away from the noise and crowds and queues. often tucked away somewhere discreet, yet not completely hidden. and as we cross the threshold we immediately enter a magical type of place, a sanctuary full of promises of discoveries and journeys through time and space. because bookshops are just that, a gateway to places we have not yet traveled to, filled with new friends whose acquaintance we are yet to make.

in this little bookshop, in little, bustling edinburgh, row upon row of shelves line the walls, each filled with stories and adventures, all pre-loved and well cared for. all hard-bound binding, vintage dust jackets and tea-coloured pages, with the type of dusty scent welcomed by readers who know the value of such aged treasures. but these pages are not creased and crumpled beyond what we would expect to find.

dog-eared corners conjure up images of late nights reading by bed light, of almost running late for the school bell and of being summoned to the dinner table, because these are the kinds of things that happen when you’re lost in the faraway worlds stories take us to. just as our passports collect stamps from the places visited far and wide, so too do certain stories leave imprints on our souls, and often without ever having to leave our homes.

what makes this bookshop a little different, and rather special, is because it knows just how important it is to have a home in which to read treasured stories, snuggled on the sofa basking in afternoon sun, or by the soft glow of our bedside lamps. because this little bookshop is not interested in profit, oh no. but of finding a way so that everyone has a home.

shelter bookshop
106 a raeburn mews
edinburgh, midlothian eh4 1hh, uk


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