• red market, shoreditch •

we know all too well that summer in england can sometimes be a damp affair, and that it’s wise to keep our umbrellas close by. but we also know that british folk are hardy and resilient and won’t let a few raindrops deter them from beginning the weekend the way it should begin, in a street market, in shoreditch with a group of friends and a cup of pimms.

yes, this is how we did summer when we lived here, all those years ago. when being in london was the most extraordinary place in the world and leaving was never an idea we welcomed. because london has that effect on us, when we’re here. and being in shoreditch surrounded by artists and designers and people with side-swept hair and expensive branded trainers makes us yearn to be back here like never before.

we can’t remember what it used to be, but we remember that first summer when red market began, and we are happy to see it’s still here with its row of food stalls, tempting us to indulge in a pre-dinner snack. “can we do that? can we really have a burrito before we go out to dinner?” we look at each other. but of course we can because we are on holidays and we are in london and we know that everything’s possible in a city like london. even having 2 dinners.

so we settle in, just for an hour, under shelter, keen to stay dry. because it’s started to rain here in london, in the middle of shoreditch in the middle of summer. but we don’t mind, because we too are resilient and hardy. and we too love being here. so much so, that not even a few raindrops could deter us from starting our weekend the way weekends should begin, here at red market.

red market
288-299 old street
london, ec1v 9dp, uk


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