sunday strolling and market swag

sundays are for sleeping in, for waking up without an alarm, and dozing in the dappled sunlight sprinkled across our beds. if we find ourselves even contemplating leaving the house before noon, we must ‘um’ and ‘ah’, and be indecisive and not too sure what we will do, or where we will go because today is sunday. we wear slouchy jeans and loose t-shirts, and shoes that slip on our feet. we don’t care to look ‘cool’, because it’s not about that, not on sunday. we should go to that market we always say we’ll go to, you know, the one in north bondi.

wandering around without a care in the world and nowhere we really need to be, we see girls wearing floppy hats and nail polish, with names like ‘hermione’ and ‘georgia’; eyes narrowed as they choose between wispy strappy dresses and chunky silver jewelry. there are market stalls mixing vintage treasures and glo-mesh handbags and indonesian lace. and tiny huts with changing rooms fashioned from hand-hung curtains, where would be shoppers try on flirty summer shorts as the scent of incense drifts by.

by normal standards it’s quiet today, the stallholders tell us. but we are not surprised because the sun is warm and the sky clear blue, and when a market is as close to a beach as this one is, the competition is fierce. we know many people will choose swimming over shopping today, because that’s what happens when summer is really here, especially at bondi beach. but we don’t mind the quiet, not today and not on a sunday. because this is bondi and we know the peace and calm is shortlived here, especially on a sunday.

bondi sunday market @
bondi beach public school
campbell parade, bondi beach,
sydney, australia


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