lox, stock & barrel, bondi

weekends are the time when people like to brunch. especially on sundays. perhaps they might luncheon, if they are up early enough to actually eat breakfast at the requisite time, thus qualifying their second meal to be named thus. but we are not. not today. we lazily doze in bed until breakfast has completely passed us by, making brunch our most suitable and best option. to enjoy brunch on a sunday, we must brave the crowds and take our place amongst the queue, eager for a table and menu. perhaps first we should arm ourselves with a coffee, because with a coffee in hand, we’ll be in no rush. we will be lazy and take our time.

we might even have a bloody mary or red snappers! yes, red snappers, because we prefer gin to vodka. but first, let’s savour this coffee; delicious and rich, with just the right amount of pick-me-up so as not to draw us from our languor. and as we stroll along the street, with takeaway coffee in hand, we won’t even say the words ‘breakfast’ or ‘lunch’ because we are not organised, and we are not hasty. we will have brunch because that’s what we do on sundays.

we know that soon enough we too will get to take our seat, and sure enough we do. we’ve already decided that today we will start with red snappers, because you can do that at midday on sundays without anyone casting strange sideways glances. seated in the window, we can watch the world go by, as we peruse the menu. we always share our dishes, you and i, because then we have the best of both worlds.

we eat freshly toasted rye bread with lashings of creamy avocado, and pickled onion, all pink and spanish and sweet, and cucumber full of crunch. and a salad of wholefoods that banishes any guilt we might have had for ordering those red snappers. as if that was possible. we take our time. we don’t rush. but we don’t linger either. because we know that brunch on sundays is serious business and there are others waiting their turn. and we have other things to also do, because today is sunday and it’s still stretching before us and we have a lovely stroll back home.

lox, stock & barrel
140 glenayr ave
bondi beach, nsw


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