peace at b☮ndi beach

there are those times, and they are sad times, in which we know that the world can be cruel. when people hurt each other for reasons we’ll never understand, you and i. and it makes our hearts feel heavy.

when it happens at home, in the city you live, in a place that always feels safe and free, it strikes a chord within us and makes us feel sad that such things happen.

but from such times, those very sad times, beauty and courage prevail. when people seize the chance to build their communities with a simple and single word, ‘peace’.

these people, these faceless, nameless people invite us to take, and share, giving us a gift, a feeling that, even though the world can be a very cruel place, beauty and kindness prevail.

it might be an anonymous act, done under the cover of night, but it is one of courage nonetheless. and you and i, touched by this act, will take and we will share for that is what we do in such sad times, when we want kindness to prevail.

our greatest hope, and heartfelt wish is for others to share. it might seem far-reaching, and maybe even unattainable, but what is life without hope for better days and more kindness? it’s not the life we want you and i. all we want, what we really truly want, is peace for all on this earth.

campbell parade, bondi beach
sydney, australia


a penny for your thoughts?

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