a secret between friends

it’s that moment just after sunrise, just as the day starts to unfold. as most begin to wake throwing back bedcovers and last nights’ dreams, a dedicated few practice their morning rituals of saying ‘good morning’ to the sea. every day is different. sometimes she is calm as if she too were still waking from a soft and peaceful slumber. but not today. today she is wide awake and full of energy, bursting with white-capped waves that sprinkle a misty spray through the air.

to the untrained eye the crash boom of the waves against the rocks seem angry and full of rage. but we know the sea is not. we know she’s excited for a new day just as we are. and it feels like a little secret a few of us share. because at the beach just after sunrise, there aren’t too many people for her to confide her secrets in.

we don’t see the usual flotilla of surfers this morning because they aren’t those type of waves. but swimmers swim and duck-dive as wave after wave roll in, duking themselves in the cool salt water, feeling fresh and alive. we see the looks on their faces. we feel their joy as every tiny little fibre of their bodies tingles with the sensation that only salt water can give.

the rough and tumble of the waves against each other crash over the nearby swimming pool. some visitors still try to keep up with their morning laps but after a time, a very brief time, they too acquiesce and allow the waves to carry them to and fro as they gently bob up and down.

we breath in the cool crisp air as sunshine warms our cheeks. we know today will be hot but right now, in this quiet little moment it almost feels like a fresh spring day. before the heat becomes heavy and thick and makes our bodies slump and swoon and beg for cold drinks and shady trees.

we feel the water on our toes and know that soon the rest of us will too. but later today, not now. because now is for beach strolls and sitting in the soft sand, taking in the glorious sight, the sea full of joy. and in this moment we feel so lucky to be able to see such beauty, to feel the excitement and gratitude of just being. and the knowing that another day has begun and that we too are ready to embrace the world.

bondi beach,
sydney, australia


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