pilgrim coffee, hobart

being on holiday has that feeling, doesn’t it? an intoxicating mixture of relaxation and excitement; the thrill of discovering all that a new place holds. we often wonder, can you be relaxed and excited too? as if the two feelings exist outside of each other. and yet, here we are in hobart on our very first full day on our long-awaited pilgrimage experiencing just that.

alongside our curiosity of what the day has in store, the weather has her own things to say about what we may or may not do. it’s the one day relentless rain is predicted, and the morning sure has delivered as promised. but we don’t mind because we are eager for autumn and the cooler weather it brings, especially after a too-long sydney summer in which we’ve buckled under the weight of sub-tropical humidity.

we wear proper shoes and jumpers and even have our jackets on! here, the crisp, cool air brushes our cheeks and almost makes us forget that we didn’t bring the right shoes, causing our socks to dampen a little as we skip over puddles and try to stay dry. but it is in vain because we aren’t completely dry. nor does our umbrella do its job properly. but here in hobart, for some strange reason, we don’t really mind. well, maybe just a little bit.

providing both shelter from the rain and breakfast for our hungry bellies, pilgrim coffee offers us the moment of respite we’re in need of now. for coffee enthusiasts, travel itineraries and activity plans always, always include a list of must-visit cafes, especially those that continue to pop up on ‘best of’ lists and pilgrim coffee is one such place. and it’s easy to see why.

it’s all brick walls and wooden furniture, dotted with the warm glow well-lit spaces have. and plenty of space and friendly staff, made all the more delicious by the strong aroma of freshly ground coffee beans drifting under our noses. the coffee is what one should expect from such places, with the milk steamed just so. and just as other pilgrims are rewarded after completing faithful journeys, we too do feel satiated and ready for the day.

pilgrim coffee
48 argyle street,
hobart, tasmania


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