tricycle cafe, hobart

when visiting a new city, we often ask good friends to recommend favourite places such as really good cafes. and great friends will recommend really great places such as tricycle cafe. tucked inside those old georgian buildings that hug salamanca port, tucked behind a light-filled atrium, with caramel-coloured wood and the warm glow of light, and cozy little corners designed for dearest friends to share a cake as they catch up news and gossip over pots of tea.

this is the type of place one would wish to spend several hours, grazing on pumpkin-filled toasted sandwiches and spicy black beans served in stoneware bowls, served by warm and efficient waiters in chambray blue aprons.

we’ll sip on coffee as we gaze around the room, eyeing up vintage tricycles fastened to the walls, with their paint-chips and peppered rust, hiding secrets of long-gone childhood days in which races were won and lost, and their little wheels traversed bumpy pavements and grass-covered fields.

it is the type of place we wish to come back to, again and again. and if we could pack it all up and take it home with us when we leave, well that would be just lovely too.

tricycle cafe
77 salamanca place,
kellys steps, hobart
tasmania, australia


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