room for a pony, north hobart

if only all mornings could begin as this one is for us. under blue skies, basking in warm sunlight, in lovely little hobart in another lovely little cafe. such is the gift that a holiday gives, when we have time to ponder what the day will bring as we pore over a menu, enjoying the feeling, the oh-so-dedcadent feeling, of dining out for brunch each day.

we’re good at brunch, you and i. we know how it should be done. we begin with coffee because we’re slow to start and are still shaking off our slumber. and that little burst of caffeine is just what we need. we know that sharing two things is better than having only one to ourselves. we know that this is the best way to remove any doubt and thwart those feelings of indecision that only occasionally grip us.

we feast on thickly cut toast with creamy chunks of avocado, and some vegemite and relish too. and a dish of cannelini beans with tangy artichoke hearts sweetened with preserved lemons. such a combination! so simple! so unapologetically delicious! we fall in love and swoon as we savour each mouthful, devising plans to make this when we return home. but home is still some time away. and right now, being here, just you and i, this is everything i could wish for.

room for a pony
338 elizabeth street
north hobart
tasmania, australia


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