salamanca market, hobart

globe-trotting market enthusiasts will understand there’s a same sameness to all markets. these same folk will also understand that visiting a new market in a new city is also necessary, in spite of any suspicions that reinforce the first statement. because in spite of this, markets are one of the loveliest places to visit, and regardless of where we find ourselves in the world, we gravitate towards them, each and every time.

and so we go, down to hobart’s famed salamanca markets. under the cover of the deepest, bluest sky we’ve seen in a long time we make our way through the stalls, weaving in and out, dipping in and out of the human sea of browsers and shoppers alike. flanked by colonial sandstone buildings, we happily discover this little market isn’t quite so little after all.

it’s filled with the usual sundry we’ve come to expect at markets; such as fresh bread and enough floral displays to appease the most determined flora fetishist; and bushels of crisp organic apples and locally grown berries, all plump and juicy, everything just waiting to be bitten into. and vegetables that somehow look more vibrant than those we see on the mainland.

we see china and pottery we wish we could take home with us, to add to our modest collection. but alas, on this day, during this trip, we content ourselves with taking only photos and memories away with us. because there will be another visit to lovely little hobart.

salamanca place
tasmania, australia


3 thoughts on “salamanca market, hobart

  1. Good seeing. We stopped buying in outdoor markets years ago because we realized your point — they are all the same. I could take you on a walk through The French Market in the French Quarter of New Orleans (where we live). I doubt you could tell the difference.

    • Hi Ray, I still do find myself visiting one every time I’m in a new city but I rarely buy anything except food. Unless something quite unique jumps out at me. I do love markets for people watching though. I’m yet to visit New Orleans but would love to one day. I imagine your local market has a particular charm that is definitely worth experiencing πŸ™‚

      • New Orleans? Hmmm…. the old French Market is divided into two pretty specific locations. One is all tourists stuff — little over priced cafes, little over prices stores and little overpriced trinkets. The other side looks like SE Asia. Just about like every other country’s market. The French Quarter itself… mostly touristy except when you start getting to the down river side.

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