the grounds of alexandria, alexandria

when it comes to brunching, sydney is a fickle place. the options seem limitless and the standards are high, and it seems like punters aren’t easily impressed. so when we hear about a place that people fuss and fawn over, naturally we want to see what the hype is all about. and the grounds at alexandria is one such place.

what was once an old mill is now a sprawling complex of little laneways perfectly designed with floral fetishists and exposed brick enthusiasts in mind. we don’t expect it to be too busy we when go on a wednesday. because we know that queues are for weekends and catch-ups and special occasions, not a quick brunch on a wednesday. but here, all our brunching knowledge fails us because it is busy and we do have to queue.

soon enough we are ushered forward. sneaking a glance inside we see it is dark and noisy, filled with hungry diners chatting happily, reaffirming our belief that cafes are the nightclubs for grown-ups in one fell swoop. we take a seat at our outdoor table, the daylight washing over us, the noise of newly arrived diners taking their place in the queue just behind us, awaiting their turn to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’.

the lusty aroma of freshly ground coffee and steaming hot bread dances under our noses. we don’t even pretend to feign disinterest, we most definitely will start with coffee and have something, anything, on that freshly baked bread, toasted to perfection. and because it’s australia and we’re eating in a cafe there will also be avocado and plump little heirloom tomatoes too, dressed up all fancy like with herbs of the micro variety.

and as we walk away with bellies full and curiosity satiated, we know we’ll be back if only for the coffee and those smoothies bursting with berries and shavings of coconut. yes, we will most definitely be back to skulk around the grounds taking it all in once more.

the grounds of alexandria
2 huntley street
alexandria, sydney


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