gertrude & alice, bondi beach

there’s a little place in bondi, a cafe to be precise, where time appears to have stood still. a little place where lovers of coffee and tea alike visit, not because it’s the best place to visit if you love tea or coffee, but because it’s a bondi institution.

it’s the type of place that blossomed and boomed in the 90’s, when bookshop cafes were the thing to do. when that little tv show friends made lounging in coffee houses a perfectly acceptable pastime, especially if you happened to be reading a mid twentieth century classic by de beauvoir.

nowadays it’s the type of place that welcomes us in on rainy days, when the very idea of slipping in to enjoy a cup of tea while reading a new novel seems like the most perfect idea in the whole world. and we’ll find ourselves a little nook, tucked in down the back somewhere, hidden in between travel and romance.

of course the irony of wishing to tuck oneself away in a little nook at the back of the store, on a rainy day for some solcae and silence, never happens as it is precisiey this type of weather that draws everyone else here too. because this type of place is like a library for grown ups in which we can have our cake and eat it too.

this is not a cool place, you know the type; where people wear skinny jeans and designer trainers and drink speciality coffee brewed in shiny copper contraptions. oh no. this is the type of place where you can still order your coffee in mugs and you can drink chai like it’s 2005. and if you wore your bootcut jeans no-one would mind at all.

46 hall st
bondi beach
sydney, australia


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