the three sisters, the blue mountains

sydneysiders know that summer is for sunning and swimming and bondi beach. but in the winter we head for higher ground, seeking mountains and hilltop towns nestled in bushland. because one of the best things about living in a city like sydney is being able to leave sydney, even if only for a day.

today, we are both tour guide and tourist; eager to show off the natural beauty of australia proper; all rugged and raw; with a little of that homegrown pride to have such places in our very own backyard. but we are not too smug, you and i. we too still stand in awe, amazed at the vastness of the valleys that stretch before us.

here in the blue mountains, the rising peaks are peppered with gum trees, while a soft mist fills the air. we’ve even heard the promise of a gentle frost is not too far away. but we won’t be here for that, you and i. but we are here now and it’s just as it should be; all misty greys and moody greens hanging on flaky, tanned barked.

where the scent of eucalyptus and wood-fired stoves dances under cold noses and pink-stained cheeks.Β  and a horizon that stretches out, reaching over wedged peaks. “imagine if we lived here?! yes, I could live here” we say to each other, as we indulge in fantasies of what if.

soon enough the soft drizzle turns into a gentle rain and we know our time is done. but the smokestack in the distance reminds us there are others joys to be had in winters embrace, such as hot tea or maybe even a glass of red wine, before we make the trip back home.

the blue mountains
katoomba, nsw


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