the end of the endless summer (goodbye bondi)

our story began as many stories do. we came to sydney in search of a new adventure. to write a new chapter in our shared story. to bask in the seemingly endless summer at bondi beach: that place where the sun shines brightly through the winter months, where flip flops are worn year round atop perpetually tanned feet.where natural beauty collides with not-so-natural beauties, and salty bodies stretch out on golden sand. where the scent of jasmine fills the air on balmy summer nights, and cafes and bars fill with fun-seekers, trading languid lunches for long and lusty nights.

but ours is not the tale of wild nights and cocktails at sunset. not this time round. ours is the story of welcoming our baby son into the world. into our home and hearts, rounding our two into a perfect three. ours is the story of watching the sun rise as we cradled him in our arms, where he dipped his toes into the sea for the very first time.

it is the place where we ate avocado on toast at lox on glenayr, and porch and parlour too. where we ate gelato at messina and drank red snappers at the anchor. but now the time has come to say goodbye. to bondi, and sydney too. for we are returning to london, to immerse ourselves in the urban sprawl once more. it is the right time and the right change. but we shall leave a small piece of our hearts in bondi, feeling lucky, oh so lucky, to have been able to call this place home, if only for a while.

goodbye bondi (and sydney too!) xo


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