rhubarb wholefoods, seddon


when it comes to cafes and brunching and lunching, melbourne has it down. there’s no end to the options available, without even needing to leave your neighbourhood. or in our case, our friends’ who just so happen to be hosting us, before we depart australia, in the village-esque suburb of seddon. it’s the type of place where young families seemed to have sprouted overnight, like colourful little mushrooms. except these have dogs and scooters and strollers, and they jostle outside cafes, before mums get to the business of the mornings’ lattes, and dads steal a quick moment to catch up on the weekend footy scores.

but weekdays are a different story altogether. here, busy mornings of grocery shopping and sports practice give way to a slower, gentler suburban pace. with parents back at work and children back in the classroom, we find the streets clam and mostly empty, save for a few mums and their babies strolling along the tree-lined streets. and along one such street we happen upon a quiet little cafe that speaks to our hearts as well as our tastebuds. and we feel the sting of only having just discovered such a place, just as we’re about to leave.

because this is the type of place with freshly painted white walls, with tables fashioned out of old doors. and mosaic-style tiles and beaten up old chairs, and a table boasting a serious selection of tea leaves waiting to be weighed and packaged before being sent to undoubtedly grateful recipients. we are grateful too, as we glance over the menu. what a selection of items, there’s so many to choose from, we look at each other smiling. and we find ourselves in that rare conundrum of not knowing exactly what to have. so we do what we always do and decide to share, hedging our bets, preparing to divide and conquer; a tactic that often serves us well.

we order the veggie gyoza platter and tempe burger, and icy cold juices served in cool glass bottles. it’s all just so perfectly packaged; the space all airy and bright, and the food; big and bountiful and full of colour and texture. and while we’d happily stay to make our way through more of their menu, go we must for there are more friends to bid farewell to, and more wine to be drunk in doing so. but we’ll be back to rhubarb, and most certainly back to seddon.

rhubarb wholefoods
129 buckley street
seddon, vic


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