rollerdoor, west melbourne


there’s a tiny pocket of melbourne unknown to most melbournians. a place so small, so compact, that if you blink you might just miss it. this place is west melbourne, a tiny little hamlet of a suburb just north of the city and it’s where we called home for almost four years. it’s also home to the innovative and charming rollerdoor cafe, another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hole-in-the-wall this city is famous for, and our most favourite cafe in all of melbourne.

it’s not just because the staff are so friendly and inviting (they really are!), or because they make your coffee just the way you like it (it’s true!). perhaps it’s also because we’ve been coming here since it opened, and because they never scrimp on their portions of avocado (take note fellow cafe operators!). and they make jungle juice with barley water and giant sprigs of fresh mint that redefine what a sprig should actually be.

we always come for the hot avocado rolls and we stay for the friendship we’ve found here. we swap news and stories and have that second cup of coffee even though we really should only have one, always yearning for more, never really wanting to leave. sometimes, when the weather is just right, we sit in the courtyard, our eyes resting on the ivy-covered walls, as passionate fruit vines gently creep along. we feel the warmth of the sun on our cheeks and arms and in these moments we know there’s no better place to be, not when we are in beautiful west melbourne at charming rollerdoor.

but this time, our last time, we feel it tempting us, pulling us, making us ever-so grateful to be here, and ever-so-slightly reluctant to leave. and we feel a small twinge that the next time we come here is likely to be a very long time away indeed. goodbye rollerdoor, goodbye west melbourne, and goodbye melbourne. oh how very loved you are, and how very missed you’ll be.

rollerdoor cafe
13 stawell street
west melbourne, vic


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