railay east, krabi, thailand


back to south east asia; where the air is thick and the sky is low. there is no place in the world where the heady aromas of incense, food, heat and garbage fuse together, luring us, confusing us, and overwhelming all our senses at once. we’ve been to thailand before, you and i, but this time, this trip is different because this one includes our baby son and it’s his very first trip abroad. and it also marks the half way point between our old lives and new.

and so we find ourselves secluded on that little stretch of not-quite beach known as railay east in krabi. cut off from the rest of the mainland, save for the longboats that transport us here, hugged in tight by looming limestone cliffs. we feel like we’ve landed on a remote island. this shall do us nicely. we know there won’t be much to say about our week long visit here because we don’t plan on doing much to talk about.

we will wake early every day, and eat breakfast and swim in the pool and lay in the sun, and maybe, just maybe, we might venture down to the beach (just to have a look) because you can’t really come to thailand and not go to the beach! but we will probably just lay by the pool because traveling too far in this heat with a baby might just be too much, and the pool is so close to our bungalow, we’ll tell ourselves and each other. and on this holiday, we will be correct.

we might feel a slight pang seeing revelers on their way out to one of the many reggae bars, and we will remember that we too once spent nights drinking local rum while shimmying to bob marley, and we will smile because we know there will be other times. but this time, this is for the three of us. and right now, on this little beach in the middle of the world, in our tiny little family, we are happy.


a penny for your thoughts?

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