me: lover of holidays, food, animals, the beach, foreign cities, vintage clothes, markets and second-hand stores, and taking pictures. i currently reside in london with my beloved husband and our beautiful baby boy. my favourite time of the week is sunday morning, although sleep-ins are now a thing of the past πŸ™‚ i love reading and writing, and planning my next great adventure, because there’s always another one just waiting to begin…

the blog: i took inspiration for the name from a song by belinda carlisle (a childhood favourite of mine, ha ha) and also because my love’s nickname is ‘horse’. this is a collection of places near and far. it’s a travel journal of sorts, one that captures the feelings that certain places i visit evoke for me, and with that hopefully you too.

thanks for stopping by.

chrissy x


8 thoughts on “about

    • Aww. Thank you for visiting me here and reading. I’ve been neglecting this space because of my other blog, but your words have inspired me to be more attentive. Thank you! (BIG love for Belinda! Always! πŸ™‚ ) xxx

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